About the Author

Okay so here’s the deal I’m absolutely insane on countless level’s.
I’d test the patience of a saint and then some, I’m argumentative, yet can be oddly shy, a book-a-holic, a slacker, an addict when it comes to shoe-shopping (or well in all honesty shopping in general), I hate it when people call soccer football and am scared to death of rabbit’s, clowns and polka-dots. I love, reading, and writing almost as much, some people day-dream- I write. As for everything else, I suppose you’ll just have to get to know me.

Much Love,

9 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. subhashini Says:

    Hi Nameera,

    Your FF’s are listed as one of the must read FF’s in IF. Want to read your FF’s since a very long time. Can you please provide me the access to your blog. Before that I want to prove that I’m not a plagiarizer. My name is Subhashini and I work for as a lead in a reputed company, you can check my profile in FB, Subhashini Mutyala. I hope this information will help you to decide about giving access.


    • Hello Shubhashini,
      As you’ve obviously deduced I do tend to be a bit protective of my work after the recent Plagiarism Issues. But I have actually checked you out and if you could email me your email address I’ll add you to the blog – 0nmyra0@gmail.com

  2. hey..My name is Samrin Kamal Malik Raisa…but I am mostly known as Skmr.bs around the net. I am a die-heart Barun and Arshi fan and more than that an obsessed ArShi FF reader.You are one of the most recommended ArShi FF writers. I have read a lot about your works and also found your index in IF. And I really really want to read them. And if you think me as a threat you can simply verify me in IF/Fb with the username (skmr.bs). You might also think why I don’t have any post in WordPress its simply because I don’t write and seriously don’t want to I just love to read. And I also comment as I think its a writer’s right to know how good/bad their work. And I simply respect writers a lot as I think It is literally the hardest thing to do. AND I REALLY REALLY DONT PLAGIARIZE BECAUSE ITS SIMPLY ILLOGICAL AND UNETHICAL. SO PLEASE COULD YOU ADD ME TO YOUR BLOG-LIST I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

    • Hello,
      As you’ve obviously deduced I do tend to be a bit protective of my work after the recent Plagiarism Issues. But once I have actually checked you out and if you could email me your email address I’ll add you to the blog – 0nmyra0@gmail.com, Thank you for the effort.

      • Hello Firstly thanks for the reply and I think you are right in your shoes your hardwork should be protected and I understand, and I myself am against plagarism but all I intend to do is read your work as I loved reading arshi Ffs and your works are highly recommended. But I have already sent you an email but didnot recieve any response. So I would be grateful if you see through your inbox and please let me know thank you. My email is s****n.k.***k@gmail.com I am not writing the full email address due to privacy issues thank you. And please do let me know.

  3. Hi Nameera

    I’ve sent you an email. My indiaforums username is lilmissmuffin. Can you provide me with access to your blog? I’d love to finish reading Seducing the Throne and your other work.


    • Hello!

      How are you! I’m sorry I haven’t really been able to fix up most of the blog here but if you can PM me your e-add I’ll add you to the list.


      • Hi,

        Thank you for allowing me to access your blog. However, I can’t find your work on Seducing the Throne unfortunately. Does that mean you just never finished writing it and only wrote up to the chapter which you’ve put up in india forums?


  4. I’m great thank you. Happy to hear from you so quickly. Hope you are well. I tried to inbox you at indiaforums but your mail box is full. My google mail is tangilabegum94@gmail.com and my hotmail is tangila@hotmail.co.uk. I’ve sent you both. I’m not sure which one you were after.


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